How to make sticky sidebar widget in blogger

Hello friends today in this video I will completely describe and show you how you can make sticky sidebar widget in blogger or in any other website you just have to copy the code and watch the video above to customise this visit according to your requirements.
#HTML3 {
width: 100%;
min-height: 400px;
background: #fff;
<div id="HTML3">
<img src=""/></div>
$(function(){if($("#HTML3").length){var o=$("#HTML3"),t=$("#HTML3").offset().top,i=$("#HTML3").height();$(window).scroll(function(){var s=$("#footer-wrapper").offset().top-i-150,f=$(window).scrollTop();if(f>t?o.css({position:"fixed",top:100,left:790,padding:15,background:"white"}):o.css("position","static"),f>s){var n=s-f;o.css({top:n})}})}});

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