How to remove Active Links from Comments in Blogger

How to remove Active Links from Comments in Blogger

Most of the people do spamming in comments and if you are using wordpress then it is very easy to recognise that spam comments but in blogger as you know it doesn't support any extension or plugin that's why it's impossible to recognise spam comments but here are some ways that can be helpful to do that.

One feature that blogger provides us is to held comments on your blogger blog for review and the next thing is to setup JavaScript that can recognise that words and remove them.

Most of the people do link spamming to get backlinks from any website so here is the JavaScript code that can help you to remove any anchor link from blogger comments

When someone comments on blogger blog with the link included the blogger comment system automatically transform that link into anchor tag that can create clickable link but this JavaScript code will remove that clickable link to simple text.

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(function() {
$('#comments p').find('a').contents().unwrap();

Simply copy the code Above and paste it anywhere in your blogger template editor you can also create a new widget and paste this code in that widget.

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