How to Automatically Add Attribution Link to Selected Text

How to Automatically Add Attribution Link to Selected Text

How to Automatically Add Attribution Link to Selected Text

Most of the people do not write their own content for their website, they simply copy the content of others. If they read copyright Laws then they will know that this is not allowed and if they do this then they have to add the attribution link that post but no one do that.

Most of the people simply copy the text rewrite it using article rewriter tool and paste that to their post content that's it they have created their own post but they don't know they are cheating the creator.

Today in this article I am going to tell you how you can automatically add attribution link to the selected text.

What is attribution Link?

Basically attribution link is the link of that post from where any content is copied.

You have to just simply put this JavaScript code snippet on your website and after that when someone copy content of your website then your link will be automatically added to that copied text.

If that person saw your attribution link then he/she can remove that but if he/she simply copy and paste the text then the attribution link will not be removed and will be added to their article.

So if you want to add attribution link to the text when someone copies anything from your website you have to follow the steps provided below:

You just have to simply copy the code provided below and paste it anywhere in your blogger template or wordpress template section. You can also create a new widget and paste the script into that widget.


!function(e,n){var t,o,a,r,i,d,c="getSelection",l="removeAllRanges",s="addRange",f="parentNode",g="appendChild",u="test";e[c]&&n.addEventListener("copy",function(m){for(;3===o.nodeType;)o=o[f];if(r=n.createElement("div"),(t=e[c]())&&t.rangeCount&&(t=t.getRangeAt(0))&&(a=t.cloneRange(),t=t.cloneContents())){for(;i=t.firstChild;)r[g](i);if(!/^(pre code|code|pre|mark)$/i[u](o.nodeName||"")&&!/(^|\s)no-attribution(\s|$)/i[u](o.className||"")){var p=e.location.href;r.innerHTML+="<br><br>©"+n.title+'<br >Source:<a href="'+p+'">'+p+"</a>"}d=n.createRange(),n.body[g](r),d.selectNodeContents(r),(t=e[c]())[l](),t[s](d),setTimeout(function(){r[f].removeChild(r),t[l](),t[s](a)})}},!1)}(window,document);</script>

You have just added a new functionality to your website now check it by copying text from you website and paste it anywhere then you will see that attribution link will automatically be added to that copied text.

My Recommendations:
If you want to know about my recommendations then i want to say that first of all you have to create your own content if you can't and copy content from others website then you should I add attribution link to that.

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