How to change Mobile Menu Color to Website Color

How to change Mobile Menu Color to Website Color

How to change Mobile Menu Color to Website Color

You may have seen most of website uses this same technique to customize them technique is that when you visit any website that have their own costume template with forces you mobile navigation bar color to be transformed to website color that's looks nice i also use the same technique to make my website do that in mobile devices if you are visiting this page in your mobile device then see at the top at your mobile menu.

It is not so much difficult you can easily do that by 3 to 4 lines of HTML code. Yes we only need HTML code for doing this we don't need any CSS.

We will add 4 meta tags in out websites header section to do that and transform mobile menu header color.

As i have told you in my previous articles i am a blogger user so i will tell you how you can add this in websites that uses blogger CMS.

So Lets Start Adding this in blogger follow the steps provided below to do that .
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Go to Theme/Template Section
  3. Click Edit HTML
  4. Now Search for <head>
  5. To search anything in blogger template section press Ctrl+F and then type term to search and press enter.
  6. Copy the code provided below and paste is just after the starting header tag we founded in step 4.
  7. <meta content='#69E781' name='theme-color'/>
    <meta content='#69E781' name='msapplication-navbutton-color'/>
    <meta content='yes' name='apple-mobile-web-app-capable'/>
    <meta content='#69E781' name='apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style'/>
  8. Save Theme/Template

These are the meta tags that tells you mobile browser to transform mobile navigation menu. In the above Code you have to change Highlighted color code to the color code of your website or blog.

After doing this you have to go and view your website it would be working fine if you have followed all the steps as provided if you face any problem let me know that in the comment section.


I Hope that you like this post and your website looks amazing now after add the functionality of transforming mobile phone navigation color.

If you want any other article related to blogger of web design or development comment below.
Now, Good Luck and have a nice day.

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