CSS Sprites Generator - Open Source Tools

CSS Sprites Generator - Open Source Tools

Hello friends today in this article and going to share with you and open source application that was online and that is CSS sprites generator this tool will help you to generate CSS sprites from your icons or images.

Basically this CSS Sprites generator is a clone of Toptal CSS suprite generator.

What Are CSS Sprites?

To reduce your web page load time and to reduce your component on your web page you need to create CSS sprites from your images so that you will not have to load same image again and again. Using CSS sprites technique you can generate CSS sprite from your image and combine all of your images into a single image file and you can use that anywhere you want.

In the final results you will get a single combined or compressed image and also the CSS code to use that Sprite. If you want to know more about CSS sprites just search it on Google and you will get the exact results whatever you want.

Demo of CSS Sprites:

As I have already told you that this is toptal CSS Sprites Generator so you haven't made another them for that you can go to that website and checkout that demo.

View Demo

Important Info:

This is the most important information that you must read.
I was not having any hosting so I made this app work in localhost you can easily run this application in your localhost server. If you want me to install this on your website you can contact me I will provide you a full information about that.

In my case I checked this online CSS sprites generator applications it was working fine I was not having any difficulty or any errors I just check that and shared it with you.

Download Source Code:

I've compressed the all the files used for this program in a Zip file and shared the zip file with you you can download the zip file of this CSS sprites generator online tool from the link provided below just click the download button and your download will be started automatically.

Once again let me tell you that this online tool will not work on your online server you have to make some changes in the code but as I have already told you that this will only work in localhost server.

Download CSS Sprites Generator - Open Source Tools

File Size 286 KB
Click the download button above and your download will be started in few ( 10 ) seconds. If your download does not start automatically then click Download Started Button Above to download it manually.

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