Online Unrar - See contents of ZIP/RAR file before download

Online Unrar - See contents of ZIP/RAR file before download

Hello guys today we find everything on internet but some peoples use internet not to help others but to earn money that's why sometimes they upload fake files or corrupted files and provide as a download link to get more visits to their websites.

In today's article I am going to tell you online unrar or how you can check what's inside a Zip file Before downloading it. Using this method you can check all the zip files which you download or which you are going to download. You can check what's inside that zip file, are there the same files which it want or any other corrupted files.

I was just using this method when I download a zip file from anywhere I decided to share it with you so that you can also online unrar or check what's inside zip file Before downloading it..

One thing I want to tell is that virus cannot effect zip files but in some cases this can be a chance to be affected.

You will be bored right now while reading all the description above let's start our main thing.

This method can also be used for:

unzip large files online

zip file preview

download selected files from archive

How to check what's inside a Zip file before downloading it:

  1. Go to a website called
  2. Enter the URL of RAR or ZIP file which you are going to download or which you want to online unrar.
  3. That it you will get directory tree of that archive.

In some cases this website cannot recognise what's inside a Zip file in that case you will not be able to see what's inside the archive.

Sometime we want to download a single file but for that we have to download a bunch of files because it is grouped in a Zip file using this method you can easily download a file that you want from a Zip file you simply have to use the method Above and click the file which you want to download and your that file will be downloaded.

In the End:
In the end as I always say keep inventing and creating and keep visiting this site. Now you can easily online unrar zip or rar files.

Good Luck & Have a nice day

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