Blur Images Issue in Blogger - Solution

Blur Images Issue in Blogger - Solution

By M.Muzammil | February 02, 2023

Blur Images Issue in Blogger - Solution

Blur images issue in blogger is very common among old blogger templates. There are different problems that are faced in blogger and when these problems occur they look very much disgusting. Today in this article I am going to solve the one problem that you may have faced in blogger.

What is meant by blur images?

Blurry images refer to photographs or digital images that appear out of focus or lacking in sharpness.

This can be caused by a number of factors such as camera shake, using a low shutter speed, using a low-resolution image, or not having the lens set to the correct focus point.

It can also happen due to resizing or cropping an image and the loss of quality. Blurred images can be a result of a poor-quality lens, inadequate lighting, or even user error when taking the photo.

Blurred images can be unappealing and can make text hard to read, making them unattractive to viewers.

If you have faced the problem of blurry thumbnails in blogger then this article is for you. In this article, I have explained how to resolve the problem of blurry images in blogger by changing a single line of code.

Steps to solve blur images issue:

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard
  2. Then Go to Theme / Template
  3. Click Edit HTML Button
  4. Now search for <data:post.thumbnailUrl/>
  5. To Search anything in blogger Press Ctrl + F and type or paste the term to search in the search bar.
  6. Now replace the code which we have founded in step 4 with this code <data:post.featuredImage/>
  7. Save Theme / Template


If you have followed all the steps correctly then your issue is solved. If you still have any questions, the comment section is for you.

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