Dictation.io Clone | Open Source Tool

Dictation.io Clone | Open Source Tool

Dictation.io Clone | Open Source Tool

Today i'm going to provide you and open source tools that you can use as voice recognition app. By using this tool you can easily convert your speech into text. After downloading this tool you will not need any dictation software for pc.

Have you ever used dictation.io website to dictate and synthesise your spoken words into text? I think you may have if you want to create subtitle for YouTube videos. If you haven't visited dictation.io website go and visit it i think you will like that website you simply have to copy and paste the URL in the search bar in the website will be loaded.

Basically dictation.io is a website on which you can convert your spoken text into editable text I use this site to make subtitles for my YouTube videos.

Ok leave it in this article I am not going to tell you about dictation.io I am going to provide you in open source tools which is a clone of dictation.io.

Open source tool is the complete source code of dictation.io website you visit the site and then download this tool and use this in your localhost server it will work fine.

To run this tool you should have to install any software that can be used to create localhost server and XAMPP software is one of my choice that I recommend to you which you can use to make localhost server.

If you don't know how to use localhost server simply go to YouTube and search for the tutorial.

You can also use dictation.io website to write posts for your website.

So now if you want to download this open source tool which is a clone of dictation.io have to click the download button provided below and your download will be started automatically in few seconds if it doesn't you can simply comment me below I will try to resolve that error as soon as possible.


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