How to View Source If Right Click is Disabled

How to View Source If Right Click is Disabled

Hello & Assalam-o-Alaikum friend first of all tell me How are you? I think you all will be fine. So friend today many website owners, including me use to disable right click on their websites to protect their code from being copied & they think that now no-one can view the source code of their site.

They think wrong because there are several ways to view source code of that websites which i will share in this article with you.

So friend lets see what are that methods by which we can view source code of any website where there is right click disabled or key-press disabled.

Yes friend on many websites they also add a functionality to recognize key-press and return false or don't do anything when that key is pressed.

I know that i am revealing my own privacy or breaking my own privacy but i have to that for you.

Try with the simple way:

Press CTRL+U from keyboard if he security is not enough it will work best.

View Source before the page is loaded:

Fist method to view website source code is to instantly right click and choose view source or simple press CRTL+U when the web-page is not completely loaded. You have to do it before page loading.

Press CTRL+Shift+I:

Try by pressing CTRL+Shift+I In most of the cases it worked for me you can also try it.

Download Web-page:

Yes, If you are still unable to view source code of a web-page using methods listed above you can do this. Simply Download the web-page and open it in any text editor ( NotePad++ ). You will successfully view the source code.

Replace URL:

Last but not the least.
This is the method that i mostly use to view source code if right click or key-press is disabled on any website. Using this method you can view the source code of any website you can break whatever security it has.

Simple add view-source: before the URL in URL tab. For example at first the URL was change it and add the word before it it will look like this view-source:


These are all the methods that you can use to view source code that website whose right click and key-press are disabled. I hope this article helped you. Go and try it. Hope it works for you , Good Luck!

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