How to make Un-Removable Footer Credit Link

How to make Un-Removable Footer Credit Link

Today a technique called code obfuscation very much popularly used by different people that make their own programs or anything related to programming.

What is code obfuscation?

Basically of obfuscation is a technique by which you can convert readable code into unreadable Code by decoding it into different it symbols and strings.

If you are a blogger user and you have downloaded any blogger template from any website then you will see that it contains and unreadable JavaScript code that contains the functionality of un-removable footer credit link that code is called obfuscated code.

I want to create or make and removable footer credit link you can use the following JavaScript code it is provided below replace URL of my site with your website.

var mql = window.matchMedia("screen and (min-width: 60em)");
mql.matches && (window.onload = function () {
    var _0x77a0x2 = document.getElementById("credits");
    null == _0x77a0x2 && (window.location.href = ""), _0x77a0x2.setAttribute("href", ""), _0x77a0x2.setAttribute("rel", "dofollow"), _0x77a0x2.innerHTML = "<a href='' target='_blank' title='Creativity is the key to success'>Softweb Tuts</a>"

To use this code use this html code.
<a href='' id='credits' target='_blank'>Softweb Tuts</a>

After replacing the text and the required things now you have to go to a website called and paste this code there and you will get an unreadable code that cannot be easily readed by a common person.

But there are many ways that can make this possible to de-obfuscate this obfuscated code.


Programmers and Developers use this code obfuscation technique to protect their codes to be used by unauthorised persons you can use it in that sense.

Sometime when you obfuscate your code it will not work properly so in that case you should not obfuscate it.


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  1. hii muzammil in this article is good but i want to remove pikitemplate footer credit how to ? reply please

    1. Share the link of that template of which you want to remove credit and let me check it.

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