How to get AdSense Approval for Website in 2019

How to get AdSense Approval for Website in 2019

How to get AdSense approval for website in 2019
One of the very common problems that is faced by web designers and web developers and for those who have websites is that they are not getting AdSense approval in 2019 for their websites.

Today in this article I am going to reveal some secrets of getting AdSense approval in 2019 for any kind ( niche ) of website.

After Reading this guide:

After reading this guide you will be able to get AdSense approval for your website in 2019. To get AdSense approval you have to follow the things that I have followed to get AdSense approval.

Most of the people say that you should have to follow some guidelines to get AdSense approval but in my case, I will say that you don't have to follow any guidelines. It is on your luck that when you will get AdSense approval if you have any doubt let me tell you my story how I get AdSense approval for my website.

When I was new I was having great knowledge about PHP I made a web scraping module using PHP which I used to scrap content of a website and by scraping that content I published 1600+ posts on my blogger blog and I was unaware about all that.

I waited for getting AdSense approval for 1 year but didn't get approval at one stage I was de-motivated and I was on stage to close all my work and close my website.

Some people said change your niche some said change your theme some said write quality content bla bla bla.

Then in my school, my teacher said don't lose hope to keep working hard, try again and again until you didn't get success.

Then I started to write my own posts and deleted all my previous posts and then I bought a domain name after I was having 70+ unique posts on my website I applied for AdSense and got approval in 3 day's.

Here are some things that I have followed and got AdSense approval that you can also follow these things because this will help you to get AdSense approval.

Things that I followed and got AdSense approval:

  • Buy domain name
  • Write quality content
  • Use responsive theme/template
  • Keep on writing unique content
  • Don't lose hope until you didn't get success
  • Don't be demotivated

These are some extra things that experts say but I got approval without these.
  • Buy a custom domain name.
  • Use Google apps to create a professional email address.
  • Add pages like About, Contact us, Privacy Policy
  • Ensure you use a clean BlogSpot design.
  • Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts.
  • Ensure you don’t use copyright images.

  • If you have copied images from Google search, go back & delete it from your blog.
  • Ensure your sidebar looks clean & professional.
  • Apply for AdSense & enjoy!

  • These are something that most people say but you don't have to worry about them.

    Delete index pages of your website which you have deleted:

    Most of the people say that delete all the pages which you have indexed in your Google index or Bing index Webmaster tool but in my case if you see my indexed pages of my website you will see that there will be some pages that I have deleted but they are still on Google index.

    Write long post or articles:

    Most of the people say that you should have a unique article of almost 500+ words but it is not a factor of getting AdSense approval but it may affect your website SEO.

    More 200+ daily visits:

    Most people say that website should have daily 200+ visits from all over the world. But it's not a necessary condition for getting AdSense approval.

    And many more things these are the main things that i know.


    So I am going to conclude this article by saying that follow the things which I follow to get AdSense approval. If you want any other help ask in the comment section i am here to help you.

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