How to Start a Youtube Channel for Beginner

How to Start a Youtube Channel for Beginner

By M.Muzammil | February 05, 2023

How to Start a Youtube Channel

Are you thinking about creating a new YouTube channel? If not, you should, because YouTube is one of the best platforms from where you can earn money if you are a student or any unemployed person.

In this guide, you will learn How to Start a Youtube Channel for Beginner this guide will blow your mind.

In this guide, I am going to tell you some essential things which you should know before setting up a new YouTube channel and get success in a short time.

This is a complete practical guide that I have performed and I used these techniques to make other people start earning.

These are some important questions that can come to your mind when you are going to create a new YouTube channel.

Is it the right choice to start a YouTube channel?

Yes, it's the right choice and you should not have any doubts about it. You should have the willpower for this you can do that nothing is impossible. Be inspired by some great personalities and do the things that make people get inspired by you.

Which niche to carry?

Choosing a niche is one of the main and important questions that may come to your mind while starting up a new YouTube channel.

And it is a very serious and critical issue that decides your success on YouTube.

Well if you want my suggestions about choosing a niche I am gonna recommend that you should choose that niche in which you can do better no matter if that niche is a future demand or not.

If you will choose a niche in which you can do better then you can make video daily and you can make more than one video daily and you will not be bored while creating videos.

On the other hand, if you choose any other niche in which you have no interest and the niche which you don't like, but it is a future demand you will not gonna get rankings and you will not get the success you will always feel it and think it as a burden and making videos will be a headache for you.

If you want to choose that niche which is the future demand then you have to improve your skills according to that niche.

How much time will it take to get success?

No one knows how much time you will get success. It depends upon your luck.

If your luck is good then you can get success in a week but if your luck is not good then it can take up to several years to get rankings and get success.

But most often it takes about two to three months to get rankings.

I Don't know SEO!

That's not a big issue if you don't know SEO it doesn't matter well I think that in YouTube SEO doesn't matter.

Let me give you a practical example of it. The ranking of videos depends upon the content which you make, it doesn't depend upon SEO.

If you go and see the videos of some big creators on YouTube you will see that they have only 3 to 4 tags and a very short description with only contact information but their videos rank at the top.

How do they do that? They don't do any SEO but still, they rank at the top I have commented on this question on the sites of big SEO experts like Neil Patel and some others but they haven't approved my comments yet I don't know the reason but that's the truth.

Will I earn money on YouTube?

Ok, that's not a question but still, this question comes to mind of new people were thinking about creating a YouTube channel.

If you are thinking about starting your career on YouTube then you should know that YouTube makes you earn money and you can earn a lot depending on your content.

YouTube can provide you with money more than a job which you can do instead is provide with some other benefits like you can be popular and become a role model.

Should I have to leave all my daily routine work?

You shouldn't, you can take YouTube as a part-time job and make videos when you are free you don't have to leave any daily routine tasks if you are a teacher or a student then you don't have to leave your school or study you can take YouTube as a part-time and as fun.

What are the required things to start a YouTube channel?

You can start a YouTube channel by simply your mobile phone or even you can start up with a single PC.

And with that, you will need a mic and good editing software that's it. If you want to create your content then you will also need a camera for that and you will also need a partner for that but you can also do that alone.

After how much time should I have to upload a video?

You should have to update your content daily if you can but if you can't then you should upload approximately one video a week in the starting, you should have to make videos daily if you can.

What if I didn't get success?

If you are not able to get success on YouTube you don't have to worry about you should keep on trying again and again and never lose hope.

If you are not able to get success there are many reasons that can do that, for example, if you are not getting AdSense approval your videos are not getting rankings for any other reason.

The solution for all of them is you should not lose hope and keep working on it you will get success you should have to keep patience and keep working hard because hard work is the key to success.

You don't need to be exported for making a YouTube channel evenly an uneducated person can start a YouTube channel and start earning.


Well, I think these are all the questions that may come up into your mind while creating a new YouTube channel I know this is not a complete guide but this is a complete guide for me because I think all these questions are important and may come to your mind while creating a YouTube channel.

I will update this article if I got any other things that I think should be included in this article and if you have anything in your mind that I haven't added to this article you can comment that in the comment section, I will try to update this article as soon as possible.

These are the things I have faced on YouTube. If you want any other help related to YouTube, or blogger for web design I am here to help you. You can ask me as a friend and I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible if I can.

I hope that this guide may help you a lot and this guide will encourage you to start a YouTube channel. Hopefully, I think that you will share this article with your friends and visit this site daily for more interesting and informative articles like this How to Start a Youtube Channel for Beginner.

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