How to Add Messenger Chat Widget in Blogger / WordPress

How to Add Messenger Chat Widget in Blogger / WordPress

Facebook provides us messenger chat widget which we can add into our website whether it is on blogger or on WordPress.
Today I will tell you how you can use that messenger chat widget into your website easily.

You may have seen this widget on many websites and I hope you well like this widget. As I have told you that this widget is not only for bloggers but you can also use it on your website if it is made on WordPress.

One thing that you should know before going ahead is that I am a blogger user so that I will not provide you steps to add this widget into your WordPress website.

This messenger chat widget provides your visitors to easily contact you on your messenger account.

Before adding this widget into your website you should have an Facebook page because it is necessary condition for creating this messenger chat widget.

After you have created one page on facebook now you can follow the steps which are provided below to create this messenger chat widget and add it into your website.

These are the steps to add this messenger chat widget into your blogger blog but if you are a wordpress user then you have to paste this code provided below in the header.php file of your wordpress website.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Go to
  2. Replace softwebtutsofficial in the above url with your page name.
  3. Now click on Jump to Section in-front of customer chat plugin.
  4. How to Add Messenger Chat Widget in Blogger / WordPress
  5. Now click on Set Up button as shown.
  6. How to Add Messenger Chat Widget in Blogger / WordPress
  7. Now make customization in your widget and click next. After customization you will be given the embed code. Copy that code.
  8. Now Go to Blogger Dashboard
  9. Go to Theme/Template Section
  10. Click Edit HTML
  11. Now Search for <body. This tag will be followed until > so after that.
  12. To search anything in blogger template section press Ctrl+F and then type term to search and press enter.
  13. Paste the copied embed code. After <body> tag.
  14. Save Theme/Template

I have tested this messenger chat widget in my blogger blog but I have removed it because it was making my website lazy and my website was taking too much time to load, that's why I cannot show you the demo.

This messenger chat makes it easy for your users to contact you. They can have chat with you in any emergency.


Now you have successfully integrated messenger chat widget into your website and I hope you will love this widget because it looks very beautiful.

If you have any kind of issue please let me know in the comments section below I am here to help you.

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