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HTML Encode Decode Tool - Decode & Encode HTML Easily

About HTML Encode Decode Tool:

This simple HTML encoder decoder tool will help you to encode and decode your HTML code and transform it into its entities. This is a simple tool with simple functionality but it helps a lot. It is useful for those people who want to show HTML code anywhere on their website.

How to Decode / Encode Html Using this Tool?

Using this tool you can easily decode and encode HTML code you simply have to paste your code in the textarea and after that you have to click a decode or encode button, depends upon the functionality which you want and after that your code will be encoded or decoded and output will be seen in the next text area which is provided below as the output section.

HTML Encode Decode Tool:

How to copy output code:

For security reasons I have disabled some sticky keys and also the right click which makes make it difficult to copy contents from my website that's why to overcome this hassle I have added the the functionality to copy output code. After encoding or decoding the HTML code your code will be seen in the output textarea to copy the contents from the textarea you simply have to click on it and the contents will be automatically copied.

What about the accuracy?

If you talk about the accuracy of this tool then I am 100% sure that you will get your results with 100% accuracy. If you are thinking about this you are mad because in this tool accuracy doesn't matters. Be Natural Dude!

What to do if I have any issue?

If you are facing any kind of issue while using this tool it's very easy to write your comments in the comment section and I am always waiting for your positive comments to have some action on them.

Want any Edits?

If you want any kind of other functionality in this tool or want some edits you simply have to compose a comment in the comment section so that I can review your comment and make changes if it is possible.

As I have told you this tool will be very much easy and useful for you if you want. If you want any other tool to be added on this website please comment the name of tool so that I can implement it on this website.

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