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What is JavaScript Obfuscator / Packer?

Javascript Packer or Obfuscator changes over the JavaScript source code into jumbled and totally garbled structure, keeping it from breaking down and robbery while completely holding the usefulness of the first code. It's a 100% safe JavaScript minifier and the best JavaScript blower.

What is JavaScript Obfuscation?

JavaScript obfuscating or packing is a technique to hide your actual code in different ways and make it unreadable or understandable by humans and this JavaScript Packer or Obfuscator tool will allow you to pack your JavaScript code and make your JavaScript code unreadable. Only machines can understand that obfuscated or packed code.

This tool will allow you to pack your JavaScript code in different formats you can change the format of Obfuscation easily from the settings provided below this tool.

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Why should i use JavaScript Packer:

JavaScript is a scripting programming language so it should be front end and obvious to programs. This has a few disadvantages and the most significant one is that JavaScript source code can be effortlessly seen by anybody. This implies anybody can take your JavaScript code, change it and reuse it for his own motivations. One of the approaches to ensure your code is to muddle it to scramble the code and make it disjointed.

I have already shared JavaScript Packer on this website but this JavaScript Packer or Obfuscator is advance than previous JavaScript Packer because it has some extra features that are listed below.

Features of JavaScript packer:

  • Supports multiple packing methods
  • Supports upload file feature
  • Supports code testing feature
  • Supports download file feature
  • Supports code beautify or maxify feature
  • Supports code minify feature
Many More.

How to pack / Obfuscate JavaScript code?

To obfuscate your JavaScript code you simply have to paste your code in the input Textarea and after that, you have to customize settings according to your requirements and then click on the packing method to pack your JavaScript code.

Advantages of this tool:

This JavaScript Packing tool will help you to pack or obfuscate your JavaScript code easily in different packing formats.

Best JavaScript Obfuscator:

This is Best JavaScript Obfuscator tool that has bunch of extra features that are not seen in any other JavaScript obfuscator. Like this JavaScript obfuscator has different obfuscation methods and it also includes bunch of extra features that are listed above.

Disadvantages of JavaScript Packing:

There are some disadvantages of this JavaScript Packing tool and these disadvantages are not only for JavaScript Packer these advantages are for all packers available online no matter what the language is. This disadvantages can only be seen in some packing formats not in all packing methods.
  • Increases Code length
  • Increases File Size
  • Create Errors
  • Loses Code functionality
  • Increases page load time

JavaScript Packer makes your JavaScript code unreadable and understandable by humans so that they cannot make changes in the code.

Normal uses of JavaScript obfuscated or packed code:

Normally JavaScript packed code is used in online tools or applications for Android or any other platform but for web designers or blogger users, this code will be seen in blogger templates or WordPress templates.

What About The Accuracy?

This JavaScript Tool Accuracy depends upon the packing method that you choose for your JavaScript code. Some packing methods can also make your JavaScript code unusable that loses its functionality after packing.

Warning before packing JavaScript Code:

Before packing or obfuscating your JavaScript code you should keep the backup of your code so that you can understand and make changes in your code. If you will not keep the backup of your raw JavaScript code then you will not be able to understand your code or make changes in it in the future.

How to deobfuscate or unpack JavaScript code:

Deobfuscating or unpacking JavaScript is a technique to make your packed or obfuscated JavaScript code easily understandable by normal humans.

JavaScript deobfuscation or unpacking only works for some of the packing methods. To deobfuscate or unpack your obfuscated JavaScript code you can use JavaScript Deobfuscator Tool.

How JavaScript Deobfuscator works:

In JavaScript obfuscator tool you simply have to paste your JavaScript code and then you have to select the JavaScript code obfuscation or packing method for your JavaScript code or you can also set the obfuscation method to auto if you don't know the method of obfuscation this tool will automatically deobfuscate your JavaScript code and provide you the exact real or raw code which will be readable and understandable by humans.

Should we save your javaScript Code?

No we will not save your JavaScript code on our server. Read More about this in our Privacy Policy Page.

Array Shify Obfuscation:

It is a technique in which the programmers call the values of an array by shifting the array index. Online Obfuscation tool have builtin functionality for this but if you want to do it manually this code will be helpful for you.
var norm = ["one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven", "eight", "nine", "ten", "eleven", "twelve", "thirteen", "fourteen", "fifteen", "sixteen", "eighteen", "nineteen", "twenty", "twenty one", "twenty two"];
(function(value, count) {
 var fn = function(selected_image) {
   for (; --selected_image;) {
})(norm, 144);
var $ = function(i, fn) {
  i = i - 0;
  var id = norm[i];
  return id;
alert($("1")) //twenty one

Want any Edits:

If you want any kind of changes or any kind of edits in this JavaScript Packer you simply have to write your comment with the changes that you want in the comment section so that I can make changes in this JavaScript packer.

This is the advanced version of JavaScript Packer which I have already shared on my website.

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