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Blogger Tags References
The <b:section> in blogger tag references is the main tag that is is also called a layout element and it is used to host blogger widgets or you can also say it is a parent element or widget container.

Syntax of <b:section> Tag:

The syntax of blogger <b:section> tag is like this.
<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='yes'>

Blogger Widget Tags


Characteristics Of <b:section> Tag:

The main characteristics of blogger <b:section> tag are:
  • Each <b:section> tag is placed in between <body>...</body> Tags.
  • <b:section> Tag can only contain <b:widget> Tag.
  • It cannot be nested.
  • The theme must contain at least <b:section> tag with one attribute preferred='true'.

Attributes Used for <b:section> Tag:

There are several attributes that can be used for this tag that are listed under.
idId is the unique identifier for this tag.Mandatory
classClass name for the sectionOptional
nameThis attribute contains the name of the section that will be visible in the layout section. If this attribute is not defined then the value of Id will be used as default.Optional
maxwidgetsThis attribute defines the maximum number of widgets that can be added to the section. When the maximum number of widgets is reached then "Add New Widget" link will not be appeared in the layout section.Optional
preferredThis attribute defines whether this is the main section of the blog or not. Value should be yes or noOptional
showaddelementThis attribute defines whether to show add new widget link in layout section or not. Default value is yes or true.Optional
condThis attribute is used for the execution of any condition or expression for the section.Optional

HTML output of <b:section> Tag:

when this tag is rendered in HTML then it is replaced by <div>...</div> tags. The class name section will be automatically added to the class attribute for the section and the value no-items is automatically added to the class attribute if the section contains no visible widgets.
This XML code will be converted to below HTML code.
<b:section class='header' id='header' name='Header' showaddelement='yes'>

<div class='header section' id='header' name='Header'>


Preview of <b:section> Tag in Layout Section:

The preview of the section in blogger layout is illustrated below.
Blogger Tags References


This is all about the blogger <b:section> tag. Read More About Other Tags listed Below and become blogger Expert.


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