Source-map Downloader - Download Source-map Files

Source-map Downloader - Download Source-map Files
Source-map downloader is an online tool that will help you to download source map data of any script.

For example, if your script is written in NodeJS and it has a source map that contains the list of libraries and files used in the final compiled code and you have the source map URL of that final compiled file then you can extract all the libraries and data files used in that compiled file.

How to Download SourceMap files?

This question is the synonym of how to use this tool and usage of this tool is not so difficult.

Simply, you just have to enter the URL of source map file and enter the name of the file which is by default "zip" and then click the button provided below the input fields and then your source map files will be extracted from the URL and are compressed into a zip file and will be downloaded automatically to your computer.

What is the benefit of the source-map downloaded tool?

Source-map downloader tool is used by the programmers who want to extract the original code of any online application which is made and NodeJS.

Keep one thing in mind that you should have the source map file URL by which you can extract the original code else you will not be able to extract the original code and libraries used in the final compiled code.


I think you will find this tool very useful if you are a node JS programmer. If it helped you then please share it with your friends so that they can also advantage of this tool.

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