Adsense Invalid Click Protection in Blogger

Adsense Invalid Click Protection in Blogger
Is your website affected by invalid clicks on your AdSense ads? It might be due to mistake or some of your haters might be doing this.

Have you searched for the solutions and haven't found any? Ok, now the time is gone, you can have control on invalid clicks on the ads on your website.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can add a functionality to detect invalid clicks on your AdSense ads.

You might have seen this functionality on many websites and you want to implement it on your website and you are not finding the exact source which teaches you to set up Adsense invalid click protection on your blog or website.

What about WordPress users?

You can find plugins to do so but if you can't find any, don't worry you can follow the same steps if you are using WordPress or any other CMS.

We can add this functionality using different programming languages but as you know that in blogger only JavaScript is supported so we are going to use JavaScript to add invalid click detection functionality in our website.

We will see how we can implement this functionality into our website this article is all about it but before that let's talk about some impacts of invalid clicks.

What are the impacts of invalid clicks?

  • Disabling of AdSense account
  • Mostly your ads are limited
  • Your earnings are disturbed
there might be many of them...

How this script works?

This script just takes control of the iframe as Adsense ads are shown in iframes, and detect the user interaction on iframes that contains Adsense ads and count the number of clicks and store them in cookies in user browser.

Setting Up Steps:

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Go to Theme/Template Section
  3. Click Edit HTML
  4. Now Search for </body>
  5. To search anything in blogger template section press Ctrl+F and then type term to search and press enter.
  6. Now copy the code provided below and add it before the tag which we have searched in step 4.
  7. <script>
       var limitClick = 5;    // Maximum Clicks per User
       var idAdsense = 'CUSTOM_TAG_ID';    //Adsense Ad Container Element ID
    <script async='async' src='//[email protected]/index.min.js'/>
  8. Now wrap your AdSense ad code in an element with CUSTOM_TAG_ID, it must be the same as in the script above.
  9. Your ad code lookes like this after wrapping.
    <div id="CUSTOM_TAG_ID">
      <script async src=""></script>
    <ins class="adsbygoogle"
         (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
  10. Save Theme/Template and you are done.


You must change these configurations accordingly.
limitClickNumber of click per user can do. ( Default 5 )
idAdsenseID of Adsnese adcode wrapper element.


That's it now invalid click protection is added in your website. Make sure to edit the configuration setting.


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    1. Follow Blogger template development playlist on my YouTube channel.

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  4. I think this code is not working. Tell me how it works to protect invalid click

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