Deobfuscate Javascript Online - Simplest Dev Hacks

Deobfuscate Javascript Online - Simplest Dev Hacks

How to deobfuscate javascript code online
Today everyone wants to protect his work by any means and to protect JavaScript codes most of the developers obfuscate the code or encode the code which makes it harder for other developers to understand the code and reuse it.

Most of the developers search for this issue and they don't find any medium to decode or deobfuscate JavaScript code.

What is obfuscation?

Obfuscation is source code modification as a result it becomes difficult to read and understand, but so that its functionality does not change. Obfuscation is used for source code in interpreted (rather than compiled) programming languages. That is, it is JavaScript, PHP, obfuscation can be used for HTML (although it is a markup language, not a programming language), CSS and others, programs on which do not compile, but run in plain text.

Obfuscation is especially relevant for JavaScript, because, unlike, for example, PHP that runs on the webserver, JavaScript is loaded into the browser and each user can have access to scripts.

Obfuscation uses different tricks. One of them is the removal of spaces. This is called code minify and is used not only to obfuscate but to speed up script downloads. As a side effect, this code is really hard to figure out.

Often during obfuscation, the code turns into a meaningless set of functions and lines that cannot be understood, but which ultimately do exactly the same thing as the source code. But there are really amazing examples of obfuscation, for example, JSFuck can display any JavaScript code with just the following six characters []()!+

For example, the following code is workable JavaScript code:
Obfuscation is used by both legitimate users who want to protect their ideas and their code from theft, and hackers to make it difficult to analyze their methods and programs.

What is deobfuscation?

Deobfuscation is the reverse process of obfuscation, that is, the translation of code from a hard-to-read form into an understandable one or reverting it to its original form.

Since there are many obfuscation methods, deobfuscation methods and tools are also many and they have different capabilities and varying degrees of effectiveness.

Deobfuscation is needed both in the analysis of malicious code and in the study of the target site to understand the logic of its operation and search for vulnerabilities.

How to deobfuscate javascript code?

There are many tools available on the internet today to deobfuscate javascript code and you can use that tools free of coast, I mean that tools these days are totally free but I am not sure about the future :)

In the video provided below, you can clearly see how to deobfuscate javascript code online in super easy steps.

There are many online tools or websites available online to decode javascript codes online but the best of all in my opinion is de4js online javascript deobfuscator online tools is the best, you can visit the site my clicking the button below. Javascript Deobfuscator Online Tool

Unable to Decode your Code?

If you are not able to decode your code you can hire me on fiverr to do it for you. Hire Me


If I missed some tool to deobfuscate JavaScript code, then write in the comments!

In the next article, we will try to circumvent the protection of the site, which is written in JavaScript – we will use different approaches, in the most difficult cases, tools for deobfuscation will be useful to us.


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