Best CSS / SVG Pattern, Shape and Background Generators

Best CSS / SVG Pattern, Shape and Background Generators

By M.Muzammil | February 03, 2023

Best SVG Pattern, Shape and Background Generators

SVG Stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG is that the sole vector format for the web. As it may be a vector, we will resize it without losing quality which makes it optimal for top definition displays.

SVG is typically used for icons and illustrations online but we've seen them now using as backgrounds also.

SVG shapes are now using to make pattern backgrounds. SVG pattern backgrounds are sharp, crystal clear in any resolution displays. They can be adapted to different screen sizes easily.

One advantage is that we will have more control over them using CSS.

Creating an SVG pattern isn't a simple job. We've some super cool tools to get CSS or SVG patterns for your web projects. All these tools are quite simple to use and highly effective.

Let’s have a look at them!

Hero Patterns

Visit Hero Patterns


Visit Patterninja


Visit Trianglify

SVG Patterns Gallery

Visit SVG Patterns Gallery

Flaticon Patterns

Visit Flaticon Patterns

Iros Pattern Fills

Visit Iros Pattern Fills

SVG Stripe Generator

Visit SVG Stripe Generator

SVG Backgrounds

Visit SVG Backgrounds


Visit SVGeez


Visit Geopattern


Visit Patternizer

Plain Pattern

Visit Plain Pattern

SVG Gradient Wave Generator

Visit SVG Gradient Wave Generator


Visit Tabbied

Dingbats Pattern Generator

Visit Dingbats Pattern Generator


Visit PatternPad


Visit BGJar

Everypixel Patterns

Visit Everypixel Patterns

Visiwig Vector Pattern Generator

Visit Visiwig Vector Pattern Generator

Pattern Monster

Visit Pattern Monster


Visit Halftonepro


Visit Tartanify

Wickedbackgrounds – SVG Backgrounds Generator

Visit Wickedbackgrounds – SVG Backgrounds Generator


Visit Wavelry

Blob Generator

Visit Blob Generator

Get Waves

Visit Get Waves

Blobmaker App

Visit Blobmaker App

SVG Wave

Visit SVG Wave

SVG Polygon Generator

Visit SVG Polygon Generator


Visit Squircley

SVG Waves

Visit SVG Waves

Flow Lines

Visit Flow Lines

Custom Shape Dividers

Visit Custom Shape Dividers

Haikei App

Visit Haikei App

SVG Wave Generator

Visit SVG Wave Generator

Curved Page Dividers

Visit Curved Page Dividers

SVG Shapes Generator

Visit SVG Shapes Generator

Globs Design

Visit Globs Design


Visit ChartGen

Flag Maker

Visit Flag Maker


Visit Blobbb

Animated Blobs Generator

Visit Animated Blobs Generator

Cool Background Generator

Visit Cool Background Generator

Background Patterns

Visit Background Patterns

CSS Background Pattern Generator

Visit CSS Background Pattern Generator

CSS Box Shadow Generator

Visit CSS Box Shadow Generator

CSS Triangle Generator

Visit CSS Triangle Generator

CSS Cubic Bezier Generator

Visit CSS Cubic Bezier Generator

CSS Clip Path Generator

Visit CSS Clip Path Generator

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