BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template

BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template

By M.Muzammil | February 03, 2023

BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template

BuzzSpot is The #1 Professional, Flexible & Highly Optimized Popular Blogger Template. Best Blogger Template for Viral, Tech News, Marketing, SEO Tips, Videos, Food Sites, and More.

BuzzSpot has been optimized for major search engines so that you can get the best organic visitors. It is also completely friendly to all devices out there.

BuzzSpot blogger template is the most modern viral template of 2021, which will provide you with amazing and unique features.

If ads are your main source of monetization, BuzzSpot is going to be your best choice, as it has numerous flexible and customizable sections to add your ads.

Extra Information:

This is some useful information for you regarding this blogger template you must read it once to understand everything about this blogger template.
Is This Template AdSense Friendly?

If you are searching for a template for a blogger which should be AdSense friendly then BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template should be at the top of your choice list.

This blogger template is designed by keeping AdSense in view because the main motive of most of the people who have a website, is to earn money.

BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template has many ad units in different sizes so that you can add AdSense ads in different sizes which helps increase your generated revenue.

It should be the better choice for you to add Lazy load AdSense ads functionality in your website or blog so that the AdSense ads do not impact your website speed while loading.

Pagle load time increases when you have ads implemented without lazy loading functionality.

Is this Template Responsive?

Responsiveness is one of the main and required factors that everyone wants to have on their website. Almost 90% of websites online are responsive.

Responsiveness is also one of the factors for massive traffic. If your website is not responsive you will gradually see a loss in your traffic.

If you talk about this blogger template then you must be clear that this blogger template is responsive and mobile-friendly.

You can see the responsiveness of this blogger template on the demo page.

Guide to installing a blogger template:

If you want to learn how to install a blogger template then this guide will help you in installing a blogger template.

Blogger gives some basic templates to use, the thing you have to do to apply any in-built template is just by clicking apply button of the desired theme, but if you wish to add a custom Blogger template, then you need to follow some simple guidelines to install certain blogger template.

Normally it's not a delicate task to install a blogger template but if you feel it is complicated then read this guide.

These are pretty easy guides to perform and in this tutorial, I will guide you on how to upload and install a Blogger template without any mistakes. So, let’s begin.

To successfully install a Blogger template all you have to do is understand the following guide and within a couple of minutes, your new Blogger template will be installed.

Choose the Template:

You can select any free or premium Blogger templates available on the internet.

There are tons of blogger templates prepared to use and you can find them on this site. Simply download the template file.

The downloaded file will be a zip archive that includes a file containing template source code and some docs links and used assets (images etc.), so to use the template you first need to unzip the archive.

Unzip the File:

Now inside the extracted folder, you shall see a file with the "XML" extension.

Log in to Blogger Dashboard:

Now you need to login into your Blogger account using your Gmail account. Click the theme button seen in the menu on the left side.

Taking Backup of current Template:

To take the backup of the current theme click the eclipses (three dots) at the upper-right edge of the theme segment in your blogger dashboard.

It's better to save a substitute of the previous template before installing the new one.

Now, to browse and select your new template file click the upload button and find your new template file. Ellipsis → Restore → Upload

Now, navigate to the folder where your file is and select it in my case "main.xml" is the required one, as you can see in the image below, and click "open".

You are all done. Your new template is installed and you can view your blog with a different presentation.

This image will help you to understand the guide mentioned above better. If the image is blurred or not clear download it and then see it after zooming in.

What are the steps to setup this blogger template?

Like other blogger templates BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template is also very easy to set up. You can easily install this blogger template and your website is ready to view but without reading the docs you can not completely install this blogger template, so read the documentation first, before going ahead.

Is BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template Safe to Use? BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template contains encrypted codes but that code are not malicious. The encrypted code does not contain any dangerous functions that can take your website at risk.

The developers of BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template have implemented code encryption in the demo version to protect the code but if you buy premium version of BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger The template you will get the template without any encrypted codes.

The javascript code is encrypted so that no one can remove or modify anything in the demo version, commonly credit links or footer credits.

Some of the XML code is removed in the demo version to remove some features that can only be accessed in the premium version of BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template.
How to remove footer credits from Blogger templates?It is Illegal to modify or remove footer credits without developer consent in the demo version. You can buy the premium version if you want to modify the footer credits of the BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template.
What about the Loading Speed?

If you are afraid of the loading time of this blogger template then don't worry because BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template focuses on all the measures required for speed optimization.

Lazy loading Functionality:

Many blogger templates shared on this site support lazy loading of images and other assets, but some templates do not have lazy loading functionality.

You can add lazy loading functionality for images, videos, iframes, etc. This list of articles will be beneficial for you:

Minified Code:

One of the best practices to increase your website speed can be achieved by compressing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes. For your ease, most of the blogger templates are in minified version.

If the Source code of your desired blogger template is not in a compressed version you can read these articles:

What you should do to increase your site speed?

There are multiple factors that impact the speed of the website, like lazy loading.

Images with .webp image format loads faster and you should export and use images in this format to boost your website speed.

How to purchase the premium version?

Buy the premium version of BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template is a good idea and I will recommend you to do that right now because you will get a bunch of the premium features of this template that are not included in the free version.

To buy the premium version of this blogger template to get assess to the premium features you can contact the developer (Pro Blogger Templates) on the documentation page.

Demo & Documentation:

Extra Features:

Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly
Support For All Blogger Languages (RTL Supported)
Flexible Top Ads
Dark Mode and Dark Logo Support
Boxed Mode Support
Awesome & Flexible Ticker News
Advanced Trending Section
Editors’ Choice Section
+8 Flexible Ads Sections
AdSense In-Feed Ads Supported
Table of Contents Support
Related Products (Non-Duplicate Items)
Disqus and Facebook Comments
Embed YouTube Videos and Images in Comments Via Links
Sidebar Posts Gadget
Sidebar Latest Comments Gadget
Exclusive Mailchimp Subscribe Form
Flexible Footer Ads
Native Cookie Consent
SEO Optimized by Pro Blogger Templates Expert Team
Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors, and Fonts

Download BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template:


BuzzSopt, is the leading blogger template and one of my choice because of its responsive and flexible design.

If you are planning to start a new blog then you must choose this blogger template.

BuzzSpot - Responsive Viral & News Blogger Template is the Property of Pro Blogger Templates and all the credits go to the original owner of this template.

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