Online Syntax Highlighter Tool

Online Syntax Highlighter Tool

By M.Muzammil | March 26, 2023

Online Syntax Highlighter Tool

A syntax highlighter tool is a software program or library that is used to highlight different syntax elements of a source code file, such as keywords, strings, comments, and operators, in different colors or styles. The tool can be used to make the code more readable and easier to understand by visually differentiating different parts of the code.

This tool uses highlight.js to highlight syntax of a any programming language.

Syntax Highlighter Tool

This tool lets you create HTML code that you can highlight using simple syntax highlighter CSS no need to import the highlight.js syntax highlighter library in your website source code.

What is highlight.js ?

Highlight.js is a popular syntax highlighter tool that can highlight syntax elements in code written in different programming languages. It is a client-side library, which means it runs in the web browser and can be easily integrated into web pages.

When using Highlight.js, you can include the library in your web page using a script tag, and then specify which elements on the page you want to highlight.

Highlight.js will automatically detect the programming language of the code and highlight the syntax elements accordingly. For example, if you have a code block containing HTML code, Highlight.js will highlight the HTML tags in one color, attribute names in another color, and attribute values in yet another color.

One of the key features of Highlight.js is its support for a large number of programming languages and syntaxes, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, SQL, and many more. It also supports automatic language detection, so you don't need to manually specify the language for each code block.

Highlight.js also allows you to customize the colors and styles used for syntax highlighting, so you can adjust it to match the design of your website or application. In addition, it supports line numbering, code block copying, and other useful features.

Highlight.js is a powerful and versatile syntax highlighter tool that can help make your code more readable and visually appealing on web pages and other applications.

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