Getting Google Client ID

A google client id is required for the following buttons:

  • Youtube Subscribe

If you want to use this button then you need to have google client id if you dont want to enable youtube subscribe buton then you will not use this google client id.

Steps to make or get Google Client ID are:

1- Go To Google Developers Console to get google client id.

2- Click the button "Create Project", enter project name you can name your project with your website name.

Getting Google Client ID

2- Wait for a moment until your new project is completed. After you projected successfully you will be automatically redirected to your project dashboard.

4- Click "Enabe and manage APIs" button.

Getting Google Client ID

5- Find and enable the following two APIs:
  • Google+ API
  • Youtube APIs
To Enable these APIs, click on the title of the required API in the list and then click "Enable API" button.

Getting Google Client ID

6- In the sidebar on left side select "Credentials" and create new credentials "OAuth cliend ID".

Getting Google Client ID

7- You will be prompted by Google to set your product name before creating OAuth client ID in this case follow the google instructions and then return back .

Getting Google Client ID

8- Fill up the form

Field     | How to fill it
Application Type - Web Application

Authorized Javascript Origins - Add the origion ( with "www" and without "www") eg:,

Authorized redirect URIs - Paste your website url :

Getting Google Client ID

9- After clicking on the "create" button you will see your client id as under in photo.

Getting Google Client ID

12- Copy this Google Client Id to Social Content Locker Settings.

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